Embrace Your Creativity — A Zine Workshop

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    Workshops are an opportunity to get creative, with hands-on activities.

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    • Sep 22: 4pm

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Embrace Your Creativity — A Zine Workshop

In this virtual workshop, join founder Anne McColl as she teaches attendees how to tell a story with an 8-panel zine made from a single piece of paper.

A zine is a simple way to organize your ideas, thoughts, art, photos, poetry, and writing and physically share them. They can be hand-drawn or collaged together and don’t have to be perfect. The goal is to share something you are passionate about from your point of view. Zines celebrate the power of print in the digital age.

Designed for the non-artist, this workshop can be adapted for school lessons or as a creative exercise for your department at work. All you need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, markers, scissors, maybe a glue stick, and your creativity!

Before our session, be sure to download the one-page zine template and handy dandy workbook.

About the host

Anne McColl

Anne McColl helps brands and organizations create clarity. She is the founder of, a graphic recording boutique that synthesizes complex concepts in real-time with words and pictures to make ideas more memorable, powerful, and shareable. She has collaborated with Salesforce, the UCSD Design Lab, TEDxSanDiego, USC, UCLA, ThinkLA, and the National Retail Federation. Follow her work at and on Instagram at @liquidsketchstudio #ClarityWins!