Cultivating San Diego Design Culture–A Workshop!

  • What this is

    Workshops are an opportunity to get creative, with hands-on activities.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 24: 1pm
    • Sep 25: 1pm

    3603 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
  • $10

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  • Tags

    Architecture, Landscape, Urban
Cultivating San Diego Design Culture–A Workshop!

Take part in a workshop and series of conversations in the Design Center's Design Collaboration Ideation Lab intended to share and curate the best ideas to build towards San Diego's future! Workshop attendees will experience an idea session and partake in a dialog to organize and structure varied ideas into a working multimedia document.

Please reach out to (INSERT EMAIL HERE) about discounts for students.

About the host

Blackson McCullough Slater Wolden Collaborative

Howard Blackson is an urban designer and planner with AVRP Studios. David McCollough is a landscape architect with MLASD. Sean Slater is an architect with RDC. Frank Wolden is a futurist visionary designer with Wolden Design.