Design Talks
Product Design Without Borders: Finding Inspiration

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

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    • Sep 22: 5:30-7:30pm

    Amplified Ale Works 1429 ISLAND AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101
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    Experience, Product, Technology
Design Talks
Product Design Without Borders: Finding Inspiration

How do great products get designed by cross-border teams? Join Friends of Figma, San Diego as they host a panel with product designers from San Diego and Tijuana. We'll discuss what inspires us and how a multi-national team builds the best products.

If you’re seeking to learn more about being a product designer and how Figma plays a critical role in today’s careers, join us for a light conversation and fun activity. Limited beverages (adult and otherwise) to be provided until supplies run out, sponsored by Border UX.

About the hosts

Friends of Figma, San Diego

Friends of Figma, San Diego is a group of fans, champions, and advocates of the design software Figma in the greater San Diego region. We have virtual sessions, panels, workshops, and games as well as in-person events. If you have a passion for design, join our group! We welcome people new to Figma and hoping to learn, as well as seasoned veterans crafting unique and powerful experiences.

Border UX

Border UX is a group of talented ux designers, software architects and web developers. We focus on constructing modern web applications. The right way. We bring decades of startup thinking and big business understanding to help define, build, launch, and market great software.