Guided Tour
Elevate Your Space – Library Design Tour with Mingei International Museum

  • What this is

    Enjoy a guided tour organized by local creatives.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 23: 2pm
    • Sep 24: 12pm
    • Sep 24: 12pm
    • Sep 25: 3pm

    Mingei International Museum - Library
    1439 El Prado
    San Diego, CA 92101
  • $10

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    Industrial, Interior, Urban, Architecture, Craft, Furniture
Guided Tour
Elevate Your Space – Library Design Tour with Mingei International Museum

Discover how the inspired design elements in Mingei’s Art Library come together to form a cohesive functional space where studio furniture, sustainable wood floors, a reclaimed timber desk, “beauty and the beast” ladders, quirky lamps, and a carved palace all coexist. The tour will begin on the Gallery Level of the Museum, just outside of the Art Library and continues inside the Library, where floor-to-ceiling Vitsoe shelving units house a specialized collection of more than 12,000 art reference materials that align with the Museum’s focus on folk art, craft, and design. The tour concludes with a walk through the Library’s door to the north terrace with views overlooking Balboa Park.

Check-in at the front desk for your admission sticker. Access to all exhibitions at Mingei included.

About the hosts

Mingei International Museum

As the presenter of San Diego Design Week, Mingei strengthens its mission by opening its doors (figuratively and literally) to our region’s design community, cultivating a space where one can both inspire and be inspired. Mingei International Museum provides an opportunity for its audiences to engage with craft, folk art and design through its collection and wide-ranging programming. Through its commitment to the community and a revitalized facility, Mingei sparks relevant and stimulating conversations that inspire visitors to imagine and express their own creativity.

Kristi Ehrig-Burgess

Kristi Ehrig-Burgess, Head of the Library and Archives joined Mingei in 2005. As the lead library and archives specialist, she is responsible for the development and implementation of all strategies, policies, and procedures governing the access and use of the Museum’s library space and its collections.

Martha Ehringer

Martha Ehringer, Museum Historian/Archivist has served the Museum in various capacities for 26 years. Her experience includes serving as the Museum’s PR Director. Currently, she is documenting the Museum’s history and consolidating the archives to ensure that the Museum’s legacy will be preserved for future generations.

Casey Prado

Casey Prado, Assistant Librarian, has been with the Museum for a little over a year and recently completed her Master of Management in Library and Information Science (MMLIS). She has taken on the ambitious project to convert the entire library over to a new cataloging system.