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A college education isn’t a product. It’s an investment that makes an immediate impact and has lasting rewards. It has a cost, but the cost is often lowered with the help of financial aid. In this issue of the Beloit Companion, we’ll talk about money—and about value.


90%+ students receive grants/scholarships

$27,000+ average grant/scholarship award

93% of the Class of 2019 employed or enrolled in graduate school within 6 months of graduation

Value is about


Beloit is adaptive, agile, and responsive to the needs of students and the demands of the wider world. One recent example: At the onset of the pandemic, we looked ahead, made major changes, and delivered an education that works for our students—and for the world.

“We’ll find a way”

An interview with Eric Boynton, Provost and Dean of the college

What was your first response when you understood the scope of the pandemic?

Honestly—this community doesn’t get overwhelmed by a challenge. We look for opportunities. So our first response was: This is a completely new situation. We have to think in completely new ways. Let’s be creative, let’s be compassionate—and let’s be bold.

How quickly were you able to act?

By early April, we developed the Beloit Action Plan. It established new programs—the Advanced Mentoring Program and Career Channels—that gave students more academic support and professional guidance from day one. It introduced new financial aid initiatives, to help families in need. And it literally changed our conception of time, breaking traditional semesters into shorter modules, or Mods.

What lessons have you learned from this experience?

The world is in crisis. A liberal arts education—our liberal arts education—is one way to address that crisis. We’re in the business of creating human potential. Our graduates have the skills, the audacity, and frankly the kindness to create a better future. You’ve got a challenge? We’ll find a way.

Hear an excerpt of Eric Boynton talking on Marketplace.

Value is about


Every college experience—from research to internships to clubs and sports—is grounded in relationships. Within 72 hours of students enrolling at Beloit, we put them in touch with an advisor in our Advanced Mentoring Program. It’s just one of many relationships that will nurture and inspire students at Beloit—and beyond.

Value is about a complete

academic experience

A college education should be a complete academic experience. We offer intensive classes, accomplished faculty, a brilliantly diverse student community—and opportunities for research, study abroad, internships, service, and more. Plus mentors who help students turn all of those activities into a coherent plan for their semester, their year, and their future.

A short list of academic opportunities

  • Presenting at Student Symposium, a campus-wide celebration of academic research.
  • Working with a local nonprofit through the Duffy Community Partnerships, as part of an advanced sociology elective.
  • Joining a research team led by a faculty member in our state-of-the-art Sanger Center for the Sciences.
  • Serving on the editorial board of the nationally distributed Beloit Fiction Journal, as part of an English elective.
  • Launching a business through our Center for Entrepreneurship—which is also a great place to produce a video, mount an art exhibit, or join an investment foundation.
  • Learning a year’s worth of Chinese, Japanese, or Russian in seven weeks, through our Center for Language Studies.
  • Conducting research (or interning at) one of our campus museums: The Wright Art Museum and the Logan Museum of Anthropology.
  • Choreographing a performance at the stunning Hendricks Center for the Arts.
  • Attending a workshop led by a leading thinker who has come to campus in one of our endowed residencies—in human rights, creative writing, philosophy, visual and performing arts, and the politics of wealth and well-being.
  • Studying (or interning, or conducting research, or doing community service) abroad through one of 100 Beloit-approved programs in one of 60 countries.
  • Working with an advisor in the Career and Community Engagement Center to discover more opportunities!
Value is about

Building Your Future

Career Channels is one of the many ways we invest in our students. It’s a program that welcomes students into a professional community, broadens their vision of the future, and makes tangible connections between campus and career. Current Channels include Business & Entrepreneurship, Health & Healing, Justice & Rights, Arts, and Sustainability.

How Career Channels works

When you join a Career Channel, you find mentors, courses, internships, field experiences, and more—all within your field of interest. Here are three examples.

You join the Business & Entrepreneurship Career Channel

You’re connected to campus activities, including Belmark Associates, a student- run consulting firm specializing in market research; the MakerLab, a DIY space for creators and entrepreneurs; and the Miller Upton Program, a week-long residency by a public intellectual studying wealth and the well-being of nations.

You’re connected to campus mentors, including Brian Morello, the director of our Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB); Diep Phan, a professor of economics with a background in global enterprise; and George Williams, a working artist who teaches courses such as Business of Art.

You’re connected to job opportunities on campus (station manager of the student radio station, program coordinator at CELEB) and internship opportunities off campus (finance at Regal Beloit, Marketing at Rockford Rivets, human resources at Kemper Corporation).

Value is about


College is a two-way investment. Families and students invest in Beloit; we invest in students and families. Our financial aid program is designed to support families with financial need, make Beloit accessible to every qualified student, and ensure that students graduate from Beloit with few financial burdens and unlimited opportunities.

“This is a partnership”

an interview with M. Leslie Davidson, Vice President for Enrollment

What’s the most important thing for families to understand about the cost of college?

We tailor financial aid to each student’s circumstances. So the price you see on the website is rarely what you’ll end up paying. In other words: We can do this!

How are you supporting families during the pandemic?

We’ve actually strengthened our financial aid program to meet families where they are. Here’s one example: In the spring, we introduced the Midwest Flagship Match, which guarantees we’ll match or beat in-state tuition at the flagship public university for residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

How do families know if they should apply for aid?

Unless you know you can fund four years of college, you should apply. That way, we can work with you to make Beloit possible. This process is a partnership. We’re here to help.